Member Code of Conduct

 Code of Conduct for PGR Members (amended and published March 2022)

I will adhere to the Patriot Guard Riders (PGR) mission and vision statements, and incorporate

the principles contained therein into all my actions as a PGR member.

I will treat other PGR members with the same dignity and respect I would expect for myself.

I understand our foundation is simply one of honor and respect.  Not just of those we serve, but within our organization.  I will not speak negatively about other members and will not tolerate members doing the same about members of leadership.

I will remember that my PGR membership role is a position of responsibility to those we serve.

I will do everything in my power to demonstrate to families of veterans and home-front first-responders that the PGR honors them for the service and sacrifice of their loved ones.

This is extended to activities honoring living individuals and units of these organizations.

I will remember that our mission to honor these families and their wishes is my

main priority as a PGR member.

I recognize that my interactions with law-enforcement, government officials and the military

reflect on the entire Patriot Guard Riders organization and can have far-reaching implications for

those relationships in other areas. I will act accordingly, respecting the protocols and regulations

of those agencies.

 In any interaction with the media and general public, I will avoid actions or communications

which would negatively impact the reputation of good will toward the PGR. This includes

actions which could present the appearance of political activism on behalf of PGR. The PGR is a

non-political organization. I agree to maintain a strict non-political stance when representing the PGR in any capacity.